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Counselling services in English language

Nolten – Die Studien- und Berufsberater is specialized in counselling pupils, students and professionals with regard to their professional orientation and work life. Having worked with thousands of German speaking students over seventeen years, we are now offering the same quality service for English speaking pupils and students. Located in the heart of the German capital, just a few steps from the Kurfürstendamm and the Tiergarten.

We profoundly analyze your competencies, personal strengths and talents on the basis of well-established testing procedures and intensive interviews. We combine these with your interests and preferences and provide you then with an individual proposal for your personal professional education or further vocational training. Our advice includes information about concrete options and appropriate institutions so that you know exactly how and where to take the first steps towards your professional self-realization.

Our counselling forms the basis on which you can successfully find the institution that offers your dream job. Our analysis provides the criteria to conduct a successful search and to decide on a university or college that suits you perfectly.

Should you wish to study abroad, we also offer support by our co-consultant, Mrs. Kunze for applications at British or other English-speaking universities.

Even after the counselling day, you can contact us at any time for further support or explanation of the results of your analysis.

We are

  • a team of five highly qualified consultants who have all successfully obtained at least one university degree and are certified as professional coaches
  • highly familiar with demands and options of the labor market through personal experience, close cooperation with diverse institutions and constant professional training
  • in close contact with university lecturers , academic research and discourse

You profit from

  • more than 15 years of experience in the field of professional counselling
  • high-standard testing methods that have been developed most diligently and are certified and validated (also in English)
  • the guarantee that we keep up with the quality standards of the German Verband für Bildungs- und Berufsberatung (dvb)

You get

… the key to the door that leads to personal and professional fulfilment!

Your Counselling Options

  • about 8 hours undergoing a complex, fully individualized procedure of testing, interviewing, analysis, scoring and evaluation
  • detailed information on training, profession, etc.
  • full counselling certificate

→  1290,- €

  • about 5.5 hours undergoing a complex, fully individualized procedure of testing, interviewing, analysis, scoring and evaluation
  • detailed consultation on improvement options, chances and talents
  • information on further training, profession, etc.
  • full counselling certificate

→ 739,- €

  • 1 hour individual counselling
  • Provision of information material about training, options, course studies

→ 129,- €

  • 1 hour individual counselling
  • Provision of information material about training, options, course studies

→ 25 € per 15 Minutes

In charge

Birte Biebuyck
Birte BiebuyckVocational counsellor
completed her degree in theology in 1998 and started working for Nolten Berufsberatung in 2003. Additionally she underwent a complete and certified training as a professional coach and is registered as such in the German BerufsBeratungsRegister. In 2010, she became a partner at Nolten’s. Her wide range of professional experience as a theologist, pastor, teacher, academic lecturer and consultant provides insight into many fields of professional practice and adds to her analytical skills and empathic approach in consultation.
Katharina Schauer
Katharina SchauerYour Content Goes Here
possesses a degree in Administration and Business Management from the German Department of Foreign Affairs (Auswärtiges Amt) as well as in Law (2nd state exam). She is also qualified as a professional coach and lists professional experience as a lawyer, EU-officer and administrator. She has been working in an English speaking environment in Brussels and Geneva for 8 years. Her vast practical experience as well as her extensive qualifications in the administrative field provide her with sound knowledge of opportunities and options in professional training.

I came to Nolten – Die Studien- und Berufsberater because I did not know at all where to study or what. I like all the countries I have lived in so far, but did I want to study and start my career in one of them? Or better try something completely new?

The counselling helped me to find out a lot about myself, my talents and interests and what I am really good at. Finding the right place was only the second step and followed quite logical after I knew what I wanted to do. Now I am studying Business Administration and Sociology at the Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, and that is simply perfect for me.

Martin, born in Philadelphia, U.S.A., German parents, primary school in Toronto, Canada; secondary international school in Rome, Italy. International Baccalaureate.

The counselling at Nolten – Die Studien- und Berufsberater was a great support for me. I was so tired of travelling and always changing places any longer that I thought I’d do anything if only I could stay in one of the two countries where I had learned to feel at home. By scoring out the options, I finally felt safe to come to a decision.

Ella, born and raised in London, GB, started travelling around the world with her diplomat parents at the age of 10, went to secondary schools in Zurich, Singapore and Germany. International IB, wished to study „anything, as long as in Germany or Switzerland“. Ella is just completing her BA in Cultural Studies at Leuphana University, Lüneburg.

I didn’t know what I would need and how that works to study over here with an Australian degree. I knew what I wanted to do, and I already had some experience through practical training. So I was just about to find out about the best solution for me, and that’s why I went to Nolten – Die Studien- und Berufsberater. The German system is very confusing for someone who comes from abroad, and it was great to have someone help me through that jungle.

Greg, born and raised in Adelaide, Australia, came to Germany for an exchange year and fell in love with his German school companion. She is the reason why he, by all means, wants to study in Germany.

I had thought that I knew more or less what I wanted to study when I came to Nolten – Die Studien- und Berufsberater, I thought I would just need a little orientation and support, particularly with the application at Cambridge, where I definitely wanted to go. It turned out that ‘more or less’ was in fact rather less than more and that my ideas about my talents and abilities needed something of a refinement. That was a great help for me to precisely know what I wanted and what I am in fact best able to do.

I think since I knew exactly what I wanted and why after the first counselling, the application then went through quite easily. From the first day of my first real contact with the University of Edinburgh as which I appreciate the day of my counselling, I felt that all will go perfectly well. This is my place to be.

Charlotte, born in Munich, primary school in Istanbul, international secondary schools in Tel Aviv, Abitur at an English School in Germany, fluent in English and enthusiastic about English language, literature, and food, wanted to study in United Kingdom. Charlotte has just started working on her Master Thesis on computational storytelling. She's studying cognitive science.